10 Reasons Why You Should Train Your Staff (even if they went to college)
19 Feb 2019

10 Reasons Why You Should Train Your Staff (even if they went to college)

19 Feb 2019

10 Reasons Why You Should Train Your Staff (even if they went to college)

Alright, some of you may not know this and some of you may know this all too well, but times are constantly changing.

If you went to college and graduated 5 years ago and studied let’s say, marketing, and you were to go back to college today to study the same exact major, I guarantee you that the curriculum will not be the same.

You see what might have worked 5 years ago in terms of marketing techniques may not actually work today.

Now let’s say you studied finance. Okay, well finance doesn’t change much at all. In fact, bookkeeping will be done the same way today as it was 10 years ago.

So then why is it important to train your staff? Whether they are in Marketing or Finance or the Office Manager or even a Sales Representative. You’re probably thinking, “I’m already investing in their salary and hired them because they have a degree.” Or “They should know how to do their job and just stay up to date on the market.”

Well, I’m going to give 10 reasons why training your staff is so vital, even if they have a degree.

  1. Staff Weaknesses – Most of your staff will have a weakness in some area of their job. Something they’re just not quite good at or know how to handle – they may even disregard that area of their job entirely. Either way, such a weakness just creates more work for you to pick up in the end. Training allows for your staff to strengthen those weaknesses which results in less workload ending up on your desk.
  2. Loyal Staff – Think about it this way, if someone were to invest time and money into you to help you get better at something you did, you would stick around to help that person in return, right? This works the same way. Staff feel more valued when the company they work for is willing to invest in their training. So the staff you hire are more likely to stick around longer, whereas untrained staff are more likely to leave, causing you to constantly have to find new staff for your business.
  3. Productivity – The more training and development your staff gets, the more productive they’re likely to be. You’ll notice they will spend less time questioning “how to do something” or “what they should do”, which results in the staff getting a task done faster, starting a new task, getting it done, etc, etc. They’re probably doing in a day what they did before in an entire week just because they’re more trained!
  4. Boost Morale – You’re investing in your staff and enhancing their knowledge, giving them the confidence they need to get the job done. And confidence goes a long, long way when it comes to getting a job well done. Confidence increases productivity and productivity increases morale. It really goes hand in hand with the points mentioned above.
  5. Goals aligned – You have a specific overall mission for your business, this is your goal, and it is probably way more descriptive then the mission statement you placed on your website. What you may not realize, is that not everyone will know what the precise goal is for that company to achieve and that each department has their own goals. Of course it works pro-survival to your business, but is it really aligned with what you’re trying to achieve? Having everyone on the same page creates unity in achieving the overall goals of the company. Understanding how one department’s goal goes hand in hand with another department’s goal allows them to align these goals towards the bigger purpose of the business. And to understand how all that works, training again, is vital.
  6. Consistency and Stability – Think about it, your staff are no longer weak in certain areas of their job. You don’t have staff constantly leaving which overburdens your HR to have to recruit for the same job. Your staff is getting way more done in one day because their productivity is much higher now. More sales are being made which results in more turnover, client acquisition is increased, customer service is completely on the ball. You don’t have to pick up the slack for another staff member. You are ALL working together to achieve that next goal you set out to reach a year ago for your business.
  7. Company Reputation – With growth comes reputation. More and more people are hearing about your product and the successful training you offer to your staff. This makes you more attractive to new recruits who are looking to increase their skills, whether they are mid-career change or college graduates.
  8. Recruitment – Ah. Now you have a successful training strategy and you don’t have to worry about the new guy you just hired because he will learn everything he needs to learn to help promote the growth of your business and it won’t cost you a minute of your time. Even better, you know he will do well at his job and you can start to take your attention off of that position you really needed to fill because it was putting a stop to achieving your next goal. Great! (Did I mention how easy it will be to hire new staff when you offer them the potential to increase their knowledge?)
  9. Innovation – This one probably seems a bit un-real, but I promise you it isn’t. With training comes knowledge and with knowledge comes creativity. You probably have some extremely smart, high IQ (or after receiving training even higher IQ) staff members. Imagine what you could pull off in your company if every single one of your staff was working towards the same goal as you. They would start to get more and more creative in finding faster and better ways to get there, and you are no longer on your own in figuring out how to achieve that goal!
  10. Company Growth – Yes. Really. Even if you are spending those extra dollars on training that you probably don’t think you can afford. Don’t believe me? Don’t see how? Read points 1 – 9 again.

Okay, now you understand how vital training really is and you have decided you’re ready to invest in your staff and business. Where do you start?

EMA offers by far the most effective training solutions for you and your staff, you can also find out more about their FREE business consultation and how to implement this training by contacting them directly.

Lots of luck and may all your business dreams come true this year!

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