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November 2016

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The Very Existence of Your Business Relies On This… Are You Paying Attention to It?

In his article entitled ORGANIZATION/ THE DESIGN OF THE ORGANIZATION, L. Ron Hubbard refers to the flow of the Organizing Board when he states:

“When you look at the division names you see what the Cycle of Production must be in this universe to be successful. By studying this you can see why other businesses fail. They lack one or another of these divisions.”

If one examines the Organizing Board, the first Division on the left is the Executive Division 7.

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An Often Overlooked Key To Making More Income

The first line of the L. Ron Hubbard article of 21 February 1961, provides this invaluable datum:


Does this make sense?

If one is handling a kitchen where the chefs and culinary personnel have difficulty controlling the knives, the flames of the ovens and the ranges, the sauce and frying pans, or even each other, would matters not be a little chaotic? How much income would that restaurant generate? How long before it becomes a burnt ruin, for that matter?

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The First and Most Important Thing You Need To Know Before Solving Any Problems With Your Business

There is one lesson that you must learn first, before any other, when implementing solutions to management problems. If you take it to heart and apply it, it will put you on the road that will put you on top of your business and your life. This is the first and most important lesson to give help to businesses. If you do not get this, you are doomed to a business life that will be out of control and that will control you.

The lesson is simply this:

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Exhausted? The Answer May Be Easier Than You Think

Too many executives and business owners are drowning in COPE!!   They may not even think that they are, but if they can’t easily get away for a week or two to enhance themselves or even take a breather, if they are “burning the midnight oil” midnight after midnight, they are coping.

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Does Your Company Make This One Common Mistake?

The keeping of, analysis of, and full use of statistics is a fundamental must in the management of your company. Most companies do do this but the question is, “Who is keeping, analyzing and making full use of the statistics?” In my experience, I very, very often see only the owner or a handful of high-level managers tracking numbers to administer and manage the company. The biggest problem with this is that it creates a situation where these people become the only people truly responsible for production within the organization. Do you see how that is?

Why should it only be owners and high-level executives and managers tracking and using statistics?

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Six Powerful Tips for Being a Great and Effective Leader

Unfortunately, leadership doesn’t seem to have one single, precise definition. We all have our own ideas about what it means to be a good leader. For example, some people think leadership is founded in guiding and training others to be competent at completing a particular task while others believe it means being a great motivator. Neither one is wrong and the definition likely will vary, more or less, depending on the organization or group to be led.

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