An Often Overlooked Key To Making More Income
28 Nov 2016

An Often Overlooked Key To Making More Income

28 Nov 2016

The first line of the L. Ron Hubbard article of 21 February 1961, provides this invaluable datum:


Does this make sense?

If one is handling a kitchen where the chefs and culinary personnel have difficulty controlling the knives, the flames of the ovens and the ranges, the sauce and frying pans, or even each other, would matters not be a little chaotic? How much income would that restaurant generate? How long before it becomes a burnt ruin, for that matter?

Or how about a bus line where you watch the driver have difficulty pulling his bus close to the sidewalk and narrowly avoids creating a traffic accident. How confidently do you get on the bus? How long does this bus line last?

One even sees it in one on one contact in the handling of customers. There are those rare employees who are so competent, certain and expert at what they do, the public seems to gladly submit themselves to their every direction whim, and leave not only satisfied but having totally enjoyed the experience of being well and expertly controlled. These employees make VOLUMES of income for their organization!

So, if this is the case, and control equals income, it would be valuable to know what equals control, would it not?

Mr. Hubbard provides us another datum in an article dated 23 July 1972:


And he defines a hat as:

“HAT- A term used to describe the write-ups, checksheets and packs that outline the purposes, know-how and duties of a post.”

So now we can clearly see that knowledge of their purposes, know-how and duties has everything to do with an employee’s ability to control their post and the people, objects and particles relating to it. Furthermore, it has everything to do with the viability of the organization and the individual staff member.

So how does the employee acquire this knowledge? There is only one way: TRAINING!!

A strong Company Training Program has everything to do with the viability and economic stability of a business. One common mistake I see all too often is a business waiting until they are viable and at some high level of stability to institute a strong company training program. Get it in NOW so that you can BECOME viable!

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