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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
John F. Kennedy

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seminar-flourish-and-prosper_2Affinity, Reality & Flourish and Prosper! The Ultimate Weapon for Success

$20.00 As low as: $13.00

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines “success” as: a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity. This workshop brings this definition to life, and the stable data needed on the road to success are established. Learn More


packs-formulas-for-successFormulas for Business Success


Learn how to pull yourself out of any undesirable business condition and rise to a new level of growth. Whether badly failing or just remaining the same, such operating states can always be improved, if the exact procedures are applied. Take the guesswork out of managing or running a business; use the formulas for business success. Learn More


package-going-up-in-a-down-economyGoing Up in a Down Economy

As low as: $180.00

Presentation of a product, handling of its PR and fully knowing what the customers really want are vital to drive business into your firm or company. Surveys smartly applied not only tell you what is needed and wanted by the customer but can lead to a direct sale during the survey process. Such is the power of this technology. Especially in our day and age where empires are on the verge of crumbling, it is key to know how to survive in business. The secret is not to cut back, it is not to shrink or dive into austerity measures that kill of any promotional activity that is vital when business dries up. These facts are not only true for a business but also for large organizations and governments. So, while everybody else is preparing to go down, decide to go up and use the technology in this material to win all the way! Get your package today! We strongly recommend that you acquire with this package the lecture Money lecture and The 5 Conditions lecture by L. Ron Hubbard. Three ring binders. Produced in the United States. Bundle: A. Survey B. Public Relations C. Marketing. Learn More


seminar-how-to-achieve-your-goals-intro_4How To Achieve Your Goals: An Introduction

$20.00 As low as: $13.00

This workshop introduces the reader to Mr. Hubbard’s breakthrough on how to achieve what one set out to do! With this workshop you will teach certainty that one can achieve one’s goals from now on! Learn More


seminar-how-to-build-a-productive-team_4How To Build a Productive Team

$20.00 As low as: $14.00

The workday only has so many hours to get necessary production targets met. This requires a stable and productive team with coordinated activities and certain agreements among co-workers and executives to ensure these targets are accomplished. Learn More


packs-effectively-handle-workHow to Effectively Handle Work


Based on the book The Problems of Work, this course isolates common on-the-job problems and provides methods for anyone to regain their enthusiasm for work. Fully illustrated and packed with numerous drills and practical exercises, this course is a must for any employee training program. Use it to increase personal and employee productivity. Learn More


packs-predict-human-behaviorHow to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior


We deal with people every day. We depend on some, we take risks with others. How does one decide who can be trusted? This training course details the key principles from L. Ron Hubbard’s bible of human behavior, Science of Survival and coupled with numerous illustrations, practical exercises and drills, it hones your ability to evaluate people. Learn More


packs-planning-actualityHow to Expand Your Company by Making Planning Become an Actuality


All organizations have the purpose to make planning an actuality. Production lines, employees, raw materials, all coordinate around a plan. Successful administration of an organization has exact steps; to omit one is to court disaster. This training course shows how to make dreams a reality, how to materialize your business plan. Here are the fundamentals of project management; here are the missing ingredients you’ve always wondered about. Learn More


packs-get-along-with-othersHow to Get Along with Others


This course educates students in the basics of affinity, reality and communication – the thorough application of which dramatically raises the tone and productivity of any company. Learn More


packs-get-things-doneHow to Get Things Done


Through a series of 22 drills, this course shows you how to get things done in your company or in your career. It covers how to overcome the procrastinations of others, how to get a group to comply with your directions, and more. Here are tools no executive, manager or supervisor should leave home without. Learn More


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