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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
John F. Kennedy



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seminar-pro-pr-intro_4Professional Public Relations: An Introduction to Public Relations

$20.00 As low as: $14.00

When one is dealing with others to gain their agreement or cooperation or support for something, he has entered the field of public relations, or PR for short. Mr. Hubbard developed the means to gain that agreement and codified it for anyone to attain skills in PR – skills that any business professional needs. Learn More


seminar-pro-pr-building-goodwill_4Professional Public Relations: Building Goodwill

$20.00 As low as: $14.00

Goodwill is built using PR. But what exactly is goodwill? As a business or in your career, it is an indispensable must where public opinion is concerned. How do you achieve it? How do you spark word of mouth? Learn More


seminar-pro-pr-causing-pr_4Professional Public Relations: Causing PR

$20.00 As low as: $14.00

Public relations is causative. To be effective it must cause something. In this day and age, information, news, and communication have never been faster. But what do you put on these lines that will create the effect you’re trying to cause? Learn More


seminar-pro-pr-easing-human-relations_4Professional Public Relations: Easing Human Relations

$20.00 As low as: $14.00

Mr. Hubbard wrote, “There is another basic element of public relations that is often overlooked and given far too little importance, but when applied correctly can give one a foundation for success in dealing with others.” This is the bedrock of all successful public relations. Learn More


seminar-pro-pr-reach-your-public_4Professional Public Relations: How to Reach Your Public

$20.00 As low as: $14.00

In this workshop, the word “public” is defined, explained and brought to life so you not only learn how to define your public but learn how to reach them _ and deliver your message. Learn More


packs-prPublic Relations


Good public relations (PR) is vital to the expansion of any activity. With a real understanding of PR, a business will expand even in hard economic times. Learn More


booklets-rewards-penaltiesRewards and Penalties

$10.00 As low as: $6.50

The subject of how and when to reward staff, and when not to reward them, is something every business owner needs to know. Doing it incorrectly can result in growth and expansion. Doing it incorrectly could cause the opposite effect. Learn More


booklets-strategic-planningStrategic Planning

$10.00 As low as: $6.50

In business, you can win many battles but still not even come close to winning the war. Why? Because those battles you engage in, and the order in which you engage, have to be coordinated and incorporated into a strategic plan. In fact, a strategic plan is often the major missing component in the pursuit of for success. Learn More


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