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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
John F. Kennedy



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learning-study-skills-for-lifeStudy Skills for Life


Presents the basic elements of Study Technology to students with a 7th-grade or higher reading level, teaching them the three barriers to study, how to recognize them and how to prevent and resolve them when they occur. Learn More




Without surveys, how does one know what customers and potential customers really want? All your public relations and marketing actions should be built on surveys.

Find out how to do them and learn L. Ron Hubbard’s incredible breakthroughs on how emotional response monitors all survey results and all campaigns. Learn More


package-team-efficiencyTeam Efficiency


There are many reasons for team inefficiencies. Foremost is an inability to communicate whether in verbal or written form. This can be as subtle as a boring, disinterested service attitude or an outright withholding of vital information from others that urgently need it. And then there is the subject of exhaustion, overwork and confusions in the workplace. Are your team members able to suppress confusions? Better yet, are they able to turn motion to an advantage for the company? Do they even know what efficiency is? After all, weren’t they told since their young age that nothing really matters? Do you know what to do in these situations? Learn More


package-team-moral-ethicsTeam Morals and Ethics


There’s a lot more to morals and ethics than not stealing from the boss. In fact, in business it can mean the difference between a staff member doing their job well or not. Are they getting the things done they need to get done? Are they treating other staff and public the way they should? Are they controlling their jobs toward continual improvement? Are they happy in their jobs? If not, this package will bring the change you need to see, and quickly. Learn More


booklets-subproductsThe Art of Subproducts

$10.00 As low as: $6.50

Have you ever set a goal for yourself or your employees that wasn’t met? The Art of Subproducts contains yet another set of fundamentals that mean the difference between achieving your goals, or just limping along with things either not improving at all, or improving at far too slow a rate. Learn More


booklets-marketingThe Basics of Marketing

$10.00 As low as: $6.50

Marketing is a big subject, but it is also one of those subjects which, with the application of just a few vital basics, you can make a huge difference in your marketing results! Learn More


books-successful-sellingThe Complete Guide to Successful Selling


Selling is a technology, and you can master it! No matter the current financial climate, if you and your sales staff understand the full technology of selling, you can flourish and prosper. Although closing and objection handling skills are important, the technology of selling contains many vital tools, including the Four Tools of Selling: Communication, Emotions, Control and Interest. Learn More


hr_selling_setThe Complete Guide to Successful Selling Package

$149.90 Sale Price: $129.95

Increase your sales and profits by knowing and practicing proven sales techniques.Selling is a technology with many vital tools which you can master with the book and the workbook.These are important materials for you and your sales staff to fully understand and apply this powerful technology of selling so that you can flourish and prosper despite the economy. Learn More


books-successful-selling-workbookThe Complete Guide to Successful Selling Workbook


The Sales Workbook is the companion to the book, The Complete Guide to Successful Selling, which is required for the completion of the Sales Workbook exercises. Written by management consultants and sales professionals, this unique and interactive Sales Workbook has been designed to help you to apply the key principles in the book The Complete Guide to Successful Selling, and as a result, increase your earning potential! Learn More


hr_cond_form_wbThe Conditions Formulas

$10.00 As low as: $6.50

Are you keeping statistics but aren’t quite sure what to do with them? Are you looking for a way to train your staff on this technology? This Policy Booklet lays out the exact steps you need to take to revert downtrending statistics and keep up statistics going up! Learn More


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