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Market Like You Mean It! (Part 5)

How to Calculate your Marketing ROI

“The real test of good promotion is: Are you getting an effective exchange? The exchange may be communication, it may be goodwill, but – are you getting exchange?” L. Ron Hubbard

When starting a new marketing venture or evaluating an existing one, the first thing you want to do is to calculate the cost. You would want to do this for each individual marketing action or promotional item.

This is a simple example of calculating your Return on Investment, or “ROI.”

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The Very Existence of Your Business Relies On This… Are You Paying Attention to It?

In his article entitled ORGANIZATION/ THE DESIGN OF THE ORGANIZATION, L. Ron Hubbard refers to the flow of the Organizing Board when he states:

“When you look at the division names you see what the Cycle of Production must be in this universe to be successful. By studying this you can see why other businesses fail. They lack one or another of these divisions.”

If one examines the Organizing Board, the first Division on the left is the Executive Division 7.

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