John Chan Seminar July 13th

A New Seminar to Help You Reach Your Business Goals!

Saturday July 13, 2019

Speaker: John Chan, co-owner of The Durable Slate Company

Topic: The Power of Persistence – You can get there if you know how

Persistence as a trait is a common denominator among all successful people. No path is without its pitfalls, and the winners can push through. Some of us have more persistence than others. But persistence alone is not the answer. It might take longer for some of us to give up, but too many failures are going to take their toll. Learn how to develop persistence as a trait, and how to leverage that quality with the knowledge that will enable you to achieve any objective, no matter what.

John Chan is a partner of The Durable Slate Company, the largest historic roofing contractor in the US. He is President of the National Slate Association and has traveled all over the country and abroad as the top expert in his field. Along the way, his company has won many awards such as the BBB’s International Award for Marketplace Ethics, WISE member of the year, and many more. With his seminars, he has helped thousands achieve prosperity in their business.

Time: Registration 9:30 AM, Seminar 10-12 PM. Fee: $25 (light breakfast provided).

Location: The Durable Slate Roofing Company, 3933 Groves Rd, Columbus, OH 43232.

Contact: Justin Flegm at 614-359-2167 or Mike Blake at 614-937-4458 or emailjflegm@durableslate.com or mblake1@gmail.com