30 Nov 2016

BA Test

30 Nov 2016


Testing Instructions


When answering the questions, please do the following:

  • Answer the questions as to what is factual today, not what you intend it to be or want it to be.
  • Be as honest as possible. There are no right or wrong answers. The more accurate the answers, the more useful the survey is to determine how to improve your business.

The term “business” is used as a general term covering all types of organizations, be it a practice, clinic, agency or any other type of business.

The term “customer” is used in the broadest sense to refer to any people or business who may patronize your business.

Here are the questions:



Yes or Mostly Yes

Yes or No
No or

Mostly No
1. I am achieving my financial goals for my company.  
  2. I have very good success at finding and hiring capable employees.  
  3. Little competition exists in our market.  
  4. I give my credit collection staff a rating of 8 out of 10 or better.  
  5. In terms of what we deliver to our customers, we are technically the best  
  6. I have a regular check on the quality of my product’s service.  
  7. We use surveys when going after new business.  
  8. I often feel guilty about not spending more time with my family.  
  9. Owners and managers should give unexpected bonuses to keep employees on their toes instead of having a routine system of bonuses.  
  10. I believe that people can be helped.  
  11. There has been a downtrend in our profitability over the past 12 months.  
  12. Employees often do not understand how their jobs affect others in the company.  
  13. The on-going needs of our customers are well-defined and used for increasing sales to them.  
  14. Customers often complain about errors in their accounts.  
  15. What we deliver to our customers is normally on time and better than they expected  
  16. I use customer complaints as a means to improve the business.  
  17. We keep a record of new clients and know how effective our promotion is.  
  18. There are influences outside my business that demand my attention right now.  
  19. It is only natural for labor and management to be mistrustful of each other.  
  20. There is something missing in my life.  
  21. We have cash flow problems that need to be resolved.  
  22. Newly hired employees in my business are quickly trained and soon functioning well at their jobs.  
  23. Our promotional materials effectively produce repeat business.  
  24. I am kept waiting for up-to-date figures on Accounts Receivable.  
  25. If I had better equipment, I could produce a better product/service for my customers.  
  26. My staff know they are good, I do not need to praise them.  
  27. We have effective and proven programs for generating new sales.  
  28. There is quite a bit of stress in my life.  
  29. Trying to define and measure the results produced by each employee would be a waste of time.  
  30. There are other things that I think I should be doing with my company.  
  31. We have a potential legal situation which could be financially troublesome.  
  32. I often find myself solving problems that others (managers or employees) should handle.  
  33. We do not have a regular communication going out to our regular customers.  
  34. My company has an excellent credit rating.  
  35. My sales department frequently complains about deliveries.  
  36. My business has no calls for “correction programs”.  
  37. Our company is getting positive exposure from news paper articles, free publicity, etc.  
  38. I’m concerned about my health at times.  
  39. Teamwork inhibits creativity.  
  40. There are some problems in my business for which I have no solutions.  
  41. The amount of debt that my company is carrying is a problem or a potential problem.  
  42. I could get more work done each day if I had fewer interruptions.  
  43. We do special promotions which are available only to our existing customers.  
  44. Payroll is always done on time.  
  45. I have not yet trained anyone to manage and care for the production/service area as well as I do it myself.  
  46. We keep and use the staff suggestion box (or a similar system).  
  47. I have at least one employee whose sole job is to develop new business.  
  48. There are too many accidents/mistakes in my life.  
  49. A good policy in business would be to cut every corner possible in order to increase profit margins.  
  50. I intend to find a way to be more effective.  
  51. The long term profitability of my company is in an uptrend  
  52. Communication within my company flows smoothly and quickly to the right person with no misunderstandings.  
  53. Our average sale per customer is increasing.  
  54. Tax payments are usually on the late side.  
  55. Quality of service tends to collapse when I am away from the area for any extended period of time.  
  56. Our staff training system is an on-going affair.  
  57. We do not expect much return from our promotional campaigns.  
  58. I have one or more physical problems.  
  59. Most people do not want to work and do so only because of economic necessity.  
  60. I’m looking for help to improve conditions.  
  61. My gross sales have expanded for the last two years.  
  62. I have a reward system for employees who do more than their share.  
  63. We are losing business because of inadequate follow-up of existing customers.  
  64. I can lay my hands on all financial statements at short notice. – –  
  65. My production staff takes pride in pleasing the customer.  
  66. I have several people in training at this time to take over positions senior to those they now hold  
  67. Generating new business is not an essential part of achieving our sales forecast.  
  68. Others have influenced me in making decisions that I later regretted.  
  69. Expansion is not always desirable.  
  70. There is something that I need to change or things will worsen.  
  71. There is an external factor which is a threat to the viability of my business.  
  72. I sometimes wonder how productive some of my employees really are.  
  73. We have a complete data base of past and present customers.  
  74. I would like to receive the financial reports more quickly.  
  75. I sometimes cringe and want to hide when my employees are talking to customers.  
  76. We get along very nicely without any staff training.  
  77. Public Relations is an essential part of our marketing.  
  78. I sometimes experience periods of worry and depression.  
  79. Most problems between people can be resolved with communication.  
  80. Most things that claim to help people actually do more harm than good.  
  My business is dependent on additional external funding (debt or equity) for continued survival.  
  82. I keep graphs of all the key statistics of my company.  
  83. We have a very loyal and expanding customer base.  
  84. The fixed assets inventory is complete and up-to-date.  
  85. There is excellent coordination of finance, supplies, personnel, logistics, etc. in my business.  
  86. We apply the principle of Quality Control to our entire organization.  
  87. I keep separate records of new business and repeat business.  
  88. The rewards of operating my business far outweigh the difficulties.  
  89. A good leader would not hesitate to sacrifice an individual for the good of the group.  
  90. There is not anything someone else could tell me that would help me to better my business.  
  91. Our cash position is better than it was a year ago  
  92. Overall, morale in my company is very high.  
  93. 50% or more of our business comes from one customer.  
  94. I know where the money’s going before it gets spent.  
  95. If I did a survey of our customers, at least 90% of them would say that they were satisfied with what we delivered.  
  96. I have a statistic which measures the effectiveness of our Quality Control.  
  97. We get new business from referrals from existing customers.  
  98. Someone or something else is responsible for the condition my company is in.  
  99. A good executive would rather earn money than borrow it.  
  100. I continually look for ways to improve myself and my company.

Your information will be held in strictest confidence.

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