27 Nov 2016


27 Nov 2016


EMA Bookstore – continued

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seminar-arc_4Affinity, Reality & Communication: The Components of Understanding

$20.00 As low as: $13.00

Your career or business depend completely on being able to understand your clients or coworkers to deliver your products and services. Learn More


learning-basic-study-manualBasic Study Manual


An in-depth presentation of Study Technology. Learn the reasons for academic failures, as well as how to identify the barriers to learning and vital remedies for handling each of them. Learn More


seminar-package23Complete Set of 23 Professional Development Workshop Manuals

$460.00 Sale Price: $345.00

A complete set of all 23 Manuals, This set of manuals can be used for staff training – either as individualstudy or in workshops and seminars – or, if you are a consultant, they can be offered to your clients or prospects to help them hone in on specific problems they’re having in their business. Learn More


Dynamic Team Building Series Packagehr_flourish_set (1)

$140.00 Sale Price: $112.00

This is a rapid training approach! Each team member will understand exact datums of the Hubbard Management System. Two people of the team twin up, are given these materials and told to get each other through! By each member doing the Dynamic Team Building Series package you create in short order an effective, successful team. Learn More


packs-effective-leadershipEffective Leadership


This course covers exactly what leadership qualities are and what it means to be in a position of power, or even a deputy or secretary close to a position of power. This is a must for all executives, and vital information for anyone who would work with a leader. Read this book and learn true leadership skills. Learn More


png_emotions_jpeg_2_Emotions in the Workplace DVD and Workshop


When you want to get something done at the office, do you find it easy or difficult? Do you have staff who seem to be able to make things run quickly, simply and smoothly – sometimes just by their presence – and others who seem to complicate even the simplest tasks? Do you have to walk on eggshells around some people so they don’t get upset? Do you find it difficult to work with some people? These are common situations in every company, and they can cause problems that interfere with production. But, they can be resolved. Learn More


booklets-establishment-productionEstablishment and Production – Product Clearing

$10.00 As low as: $8.00

This booklet is the perfect companion to The Principle of the Valuable Final Product. In it you will find the precise details of a unique management tool that can turn around any staff member, department, division, or an entire company. Learn More


packs-ethics-for-business-survivalEthics for Business Survival


There are ways to help a person become honest and ethical, to balance out the different areas of one’s life. Here is business ethics as a vital subject anyone can apply. Learn how to understand ethics and survive better on the job and in life. Learn More


packs-exec-basicsExecutive Basics


Distilled to the key essentials, this course covers what constitutes a good executive; how to name, want and get your products; the qualities of leadership and other key fundamentals. Just like any other skilled position, being an executive has basic duties and functions — they’re all covered here. Learn More


booklets-flourish-prosperFlourish and Prosper

$10.00 As low as: $6.50

If every person learned the vital information in this policy booklet early in life, the number of successful companies – and the number of people living happy lives while fulfilling their dreams – would be far greater than it is today. Accomplishing your goals is possible by the application of these principles. Learn More


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