28 Nov 2016


28 Nov 2016


EMA Bookstore – continued

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packs-mgmt-by-statsManagement by Statistics


Statistics are often used in business to review what has occurred, what has been produced; however, their true value lies in predicting the future and giving one control of one’s own job or business. Learn how to use trends to monitor and predict, and know what actions to take. Be in control, creating future trends and making your success. Learn More


software-management-success_1Management by Statistics System (Windows)


Take positive control of your business with the proven Hubbard® Management System. Get a copy of the newly upgraded Management by Statistics 3.0 from Mastertech. With this computer program you can monitor through statistics the production of every single area in your company or organization. Learn More




The marketing of a product does not simply concern the sale of a product, it deals with every aspect from the conception of a product right on through to its packaging, promotion and delivery and use in the public hands. This training course covers all the basics of marketing, providing you the guiding principles to steer all your research, marketing, advertising, sales promotion and distribution actions. Learn More


seminar-marketing-essentials-assuming-viewpoint_4Marketing Essentials: Assuming Viewpoint

$20.00 As low as: $13.00

The first in a whole series covering fundamental marketing basics. In this initial workshop you acquire the practical skills necessary to understand who you are marketing to _ and how. Learn More


books-makhModel of Admin Know-How Course


Build a successful winning company with the new Model of Admin Know-How Course. This is a course for employees to teach them the basics of L. Ron Hubbard’s Management System. Learn More


seminar-org-misunderstoods_4Organization Misunderstoods: How to Prevent Trouble at Work

$20.00 As low as: $13.00

In this workshop you learn the nine factors behind all organization trouble and what to do about them. You also handle what shuts down your awareness and ability at work. Learn More


packs-personal-integrityPersonal Integrity


When a person loses his integrity he has lost everything. The effects ripple out across his life, his performance at work, his relations with others. This course restores the ability to stand up for what one knows to be true and gives one the chance to achieve true happiness. Learn More


personnel-development-packagePersonnel Development Package

$189.00 Sale Price: $151.20

Nothing can replace stellar management training and experience if you want your business to succeed. But even the best training can be defeated by personality. You don’t need to be a genius – but there are some basic personal traits and abilities that monitor whether the training is put to its best use and you get stellar results. Fortunately, a person doesn’t need to be born with this personality – the Personnel Development Package will help develop it. Learn More


software-personnel-potentialPersonnel Potential Analysis Testing System (Windows)


The best companies in the world are spending millions of dollars to solve the problem of personnel evaluation. And where does that leave you? Picking through volumes of resumes and still not getting a winner in the end. Now you can take control of the success of your hiring. AVAILABLE TO WISE MEMBERS ONLY.

1) You must have an up to date WISE Membership (General of above) to purchase The Personnel Potential Analysis Testing System.

2) License Agreement: The MasterTech Personnel Potential Analysis has a $200.00 annual license fee & a license agreement which must be signed before delivery is completed. The first year’s license fee is covered in the price of the product. Learn More


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