16 Dec 2016

EMA Locations text

16 Dec 2016


List of Effective Management Associations


Following is a list of all EMA locations in the Eastern United States:

Atlanta EMA

Director: Maria Delgado Webb
Email: mariatheot@gmail.com

Baton Rouge EMA

Director: John O’Neal
Email: joneal36@aol.com

Boston EMA

Director: Thomas Norton
Email: nortonthom@gmail.com

Buffalo EMA

Director: Tom Barba
Email: drtbarba@gmail.com

Central Jersey EMA (Sayreville, NJ)

Director: Michael Rubino
Email: mikey@allamericanrestoration.com

Chicago EMA

Director: Domenic Cusano
Email: cusanochiro@gmail.com

Columbus EMA

Director: Justin Flegm
Email: jflegm@durableslate.com

Detroit EMA

Director: Abe Gershonowicz
Email: agershonowicz@brightsidedental.com

Harlem EMA (Uptown NYC)

Director: Carlos Roche
Email: carlos@guardpointagency.com

Long Island EMA

Director: Jim Kahrs
Email: jkahrs@prosperityplus.com

Maine EMA

Director: Carolyn Hamm
Email: galtcarolyn@aol.com

Miami EMA

Director: Cesar Villareal
Email: cesar@mysignatureteam.com

New Haven EMA (Connecticut)

Director: Jim Seagrave
Email: jseagrave@outlook.com

New Orleans EMA

Director: Richard Earls
Email: richardearlsconstruction@gmail.com

New York EMA (Manhattan)

Director: Karen Eckes
Email: karen@foundwellness.org

North Jersey EMA (Oradell, NJ)

Director: Jeremy Slate
Email: jeremy.ryan.slate@gmail.com

Philadelphia EMA

Director: Julianna Owens
Email: juliannaowens@hotmail.com

Pittsburgh EMA

Director: Ed Beckmann
Email: ed.beckmann@gmail.com

Puerto Rico EMA

Director: Javier Pescador
Email: fisherman2008@yahoo.com

Queens EMA (NYC)

Director: Diana Garcia
Email: garciatherapy@gmail.com

SW Florida EMA (Naples/Ft. Myers)

Director: Jason Stretch
Email: stretch@legendaryfl.com

Washington, DC EMA

Director: Joe Kerner
Email: josephkerner00@gmail.com

Wisconsin EMA

Director: Daniel Ney
Email: jenevahb@gmail.com

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