03 Nov 2020

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03 Nov 2020



Business owners and executives who want to learn how to effectively build a team, organize and take the effort out of expanding any business or activity!

“You will get processes and strategies that are not taught in schools which will help increase efficiency and effectiveness in your organization.”

• Learn how to immediately free up time each day to work ON your business instead of IN your business.

• Get a process you can use to align your staff and create true team players.

class=”font_2″>• Discover the formula to generate expansion right away.


DAY ONE:  12 November, from 3 to 5pm (EST):

Get the theory behind successful organization and why it is so important to expansion and stability. Be in this intimate and interactive setting with Raffy as he guides you through the exact steps to STABLE EXPANSION and PROSPERITY now and in the future!

DAY TWO:  19 November, from 3 to 5pm (EST):

Start creating your own Organizing chart that will be the “Brains” of your life and business from here on out! Know where you are, where you are going and how you will get there with the exact actions laid out in simple doable steps will have you achieving stellar production like never before!

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Rafferty Pendery is an International Public Speaker and Tech Entrepreneur who owns several successful companies in the software and marketing space serving a wide range of businesses – from small businesses to Fortune 500’s.

After going through “the grind”, working 20 hours a day, having health problems and not being successful, Rafferty changed his life. He established his team, built multiple companies and has traveled the world sharing this knowledge with other business owners and executives on how to do the same. He focuses on helping people learn to build better organizations by implementing systems and processes that allow for fast growth across the boards.



“I had the pleasure of being at several talks that Raffy did and I learned so much about basic functions and cleared up some of my confusions. He is a very good speaker and he makes sure you get it before he moves on. He’s a successful businessman in his own right so speaks from experience. Loved it.” D.L.

“Thanks to your seminar and the specific pieces of data from L. Ron Hubbard that apply to expansion (and in individual interviews) my company trend of production and income has nearly doubled in just 2 ½ months!”D.B.

I’m a veterinarian who just entered the field a little over 1 year ago.  I started utilizing the EMA over the last few months as an introduction into business management with hopes of becoming a practice owner in the next 2 years.  The principles explained in the EMA were applicable immediately and the rewards of successfully implementing them at work were very obvious.  I’m very thankful for the information and have found the videos to be ideal for my lifestyle.  The pacing has been ideal and I feel confident moving forward as I continue to expand my knowledge of organization and leadership.” S.S

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Effective Management Association is dedicated to entrepreneurs and business owners who know that application of technology is the missing link in GETTING RESULTS.

EMA is here to make sure the application step GETS DONE with our Leaders in Business Bootcamps.





Reserve Your Early Access Discount Now! 25% OFF

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