27 Nov 2016

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27 Nov 2016

gendusaThere is no way I could have done what I have without utilizing the Hubbard management system. I built my company from the ground up with no capital injections to a thriving company with 192 staff and revenue of over 20 million projected and on target to achieve this year. I found the policies quite easy to implement because I have a core group of executives who are totally on the same page with me. The long term benefits of implementing various Hubbard management system policies have been growth and understanding how to grow. Joy Gendusa, Founder and CEO, PostcardMania

suppleRecently we have experienced a lot of recognition in our industry and area for outstanding service and professionalism. We won a national award as one of the top remodeling companies in the country and have been featured in local and national publications highlighting our company. In an industry with the belief that experience is paramount, we are a bit of an enigma in that our average age is 27 years old and we have only been in business for 5 years. I greatly attribute this success to the fact that we know and apply the Hubbard management system. Since the company’s inception it has been the cornerstone of what we do. With it, we are constantly improving and becoming a better company. It truly does take the chance out of our future. We are able to plan for the future with confidence and know what actions to take in order to handle any situation that arises.” David Supple, Owner, New England Design & Construction 

huntingtonWhen I first discovered the Hubbard Management System, I was only nine months out of chiropractic school. With sheer determinism I had figured out how to open a practice on my own, with only a small loan from my parents and a couple of credit cards. The only thing I had going for me was that I was very skilled as a chiropractor and had no choice but to succeed. About nine months after opening the clinic I was doing fairly well considering my recent start, but was dissatisfied with the fact that I was doing almost everything in the business myself and could see minimal future expansion with my carrying all of the extra workload.

It was about that time that I was introduced to the Hubbard management system and I began using it in my practice. Within thirty days I doubled the clinic’s gross income and then did it again sixty days later. As I learned how to properly find and manage staff, I was able to build a team that now runs one of the largest single location chiropractic offices in the world. It’s been nine years now and I’ve 15xed my average monthly gross income, built a wonderful staff that services our clientele and have fully phased out of the practice, allowing me to open more practices and also develop a consulting company which is one of the largest in the world, specializing in teaching Hubbard management technology to healthcare professionals.

Without a doubt, the Hubbard management system has helped me build a wonderful life for myself and my family, and has allowed me to make significant progress towards my goal of making safe and effective health care available to everyone. Eric Huntington, BS, DC

palmerSince applying the Hubbard management system to our dental practice, it has been very productive. Our challenge is now to continuously create time in the schedule to treat the large volume of new patients that we are attracting from our advertising. We increased income 16% over last year.

We work as a group, managing by statistics and making objective changes to marketing, sales and organization systems. We have had to become more effective in our sales and we have developed an exact sales process. The sales process starts when the phone rings and then being very exact and deliberate in applying proven case acceptance technology to improve the closing rate.

The practice has allowed me to expand my Consulting/Training business and I am teaching clients to do what we have done by training them and their staff on the Hubbard management system and they are winning with it as well and referring their colleagues.

There has been much talk in the media of late in regards to increasing national debt and shrinking values of stock portfolios. I feel very fortunate to have certainty in applying the Hubbard management system in our business and have a blast giving others that same certainty. Jeff Palmer, CEO McKean Comprehensive Family Dentistry & CEO – Effective Management Solutions




Seminars are a rapid training approach! Each seminar covers exact principles of the Hubbard Management System such as basic organization, marketing, sales, financial management, personnel, team building, etc. There are local and regional seminars which you can either find on this website, or by contacting your local EMA.  One can attend one seminar or more at any time to get a broader understanding of all the various aspects of successful management. Seminars are an ideal start for executives and employees alike and are the perfect springboard to effective training.


networkHow successful is your business? Can you pinpoint exactly those areas that are giving you difficulties? What are the blocks to your business expansion? How successful are you dealing with situations in your business? Are personnel issues giving you problems? These and many more questions form the basis of the Free Business Analysis, covering all possible blocks to your expansion. Your answers are analyzed by an EMA Expert who will pinpoint the areas that if improved would increase the success of your business. Based on this analysis you will receive a recommended program to implement in your company.


first-lessonV-Modules are online video training programs, consisting of 3 unique series covering more than 30 chapters spanning the fundamentals of business management, executive leadership, Public Relations and Marketing.

The information in these training programs will train your staff for you.  All you need to do is sit them down in front of a computer to get started and let the series do the rest of the work.  Your staff simply learn one chapter a day and at the end of 35 days your staff will have a whole new understanding of business management, leadership, PR and Marketing.


Interested in changing the course of your business? Contact us to get the details!


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