27 Nov 2016

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27 Nov 2016

One of the biggest problems an executive can face is how to build an effective team of people who care for the company and share the same passion for its goals. From small businesses to large corporations, it all stands or falls with the people who make the company what it is. Motivated people are probably the most important asset of any company while, on the other hand, absenteeism, lack of motivation and revolving-door-employment are among the top 5 problems in our economy. Through decades of experience, we have seen that there is only one solution that deals with all of the above – TRAINING.

While many companies have their own in-house training programs, these are often too tailored to their specific activities, such as banks offering training programs in banking procedures or supermarket chains like Walmart conducting employee training in customer service. Mostly, human resources departments are looking for employees who are already trained and have MBAs or other specialized schooling. Yet they will tell you right off that “good people are hard to find” or “how do I know this person will fit into our team.” So it seems that neither degrees nor diplomas will guarantee you get the right person for the job – someone who shares your vision for the company.

What seems to be missing is an understanding of the basics of organization – any organization. The basic principles of teamwork, communication lines and flows, conditions of operation, employee duties and performance and how these apply to your company, are fundamentals that aren’t learned and are expected to come through “experience.” But who wants to wait ten years for an employee or executive to build up such experience and underperform in the meantime?

What if such an employee or executive could be trained, right now, in these basic principles and perform accordingly? And what if all employees and executives in your company would be on the same page in regards your goals, plans and activities?

The EMA offers several training programs, depending on the depth of the offered training materials. In a matter of weeks your staff can be trained on the entire spectrum of business administration, including organization, sales, marketing, client relations, human resources, finance and statistical management. They will learn what makes a business grow and how to contribute to the company’s goals. They will take their part in the overall operation and perform on the same principles as everyone else. In other words, this is the way to build a team you can rely on.



networkIn the Hubbard Management System, the functions of any group or organization are broken down into 7 zones of activity, or divisions. In order for that organization or group to survive, it must provide something of value with the environment around it for which that environment is willing to exchange something of value in appropriate quality, quantity and viability.

When any of these 7 divisions are not functioning properly, the production of the exchangeable products or services of the organization will NOT be produced in adequate quality, quantity and viability. The organization will contract or be hell to run and could cease to exist altogether.

A simplified description of the divisions could be: Executive (by which we mean goal finding, standards, strategy and management); communications and establishment (and all aspects of human resources); marketing and sales; finance (including control of money flows, solvency, etc.); production and delivery; quality and correction; public relations and expansion into new zones and markets.

The overall issue or issues you may be having with your business, whether it is prosperity of the company, the influx of new customers, or simply being able to maintain a life for yourself and your family and not work yourself to death, stem from malfunctions in one or more of the divisions.

Of course, there can be areas that need to be addressed in ALL the divisions, indeed some businesses are essentially one-man bands where one individual, knowingly or unknowingly, is handling all of the “hats” as best as he or she can. But one thing is for sure- whether one person is doing them or an army of thousands, the above ARE the zones of activity vital to creating viable production.

When faced with much to correct, it can look like a morass of “outpoints”. Where does one start? And if training is the answer – in other words acquiring the knowledge on how to isolate and correct the outnesses- what training comes first?

Learning all about how to adjust your sails may not be the right thing to tackle if you have a hole in your hull.

Isolation of the right areas to address and training in THOSE areas first is the key to success.

Thus the first step in righting your ship, or getting it to move at the clip you desire, is an analysis; where are the problem areas and what are the sequences of actions and training needed to get the business going the way you want and to build the LIFE you want for yourself.

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The best way to get introduced to the Hubbard Management System is through live seminars, learning from those who have walked your road and negotiated the barriers you have faced through a combination of their experience and their hard-won knowledge. Seminars are held monthly at the regional EMA locations and in conventions held around the country. They focus on the most important fundamentals, one topic at a time. They are free or low cost, and always valuable, no matter the level of training of the participants. First time attendees mingle with the veterans, and connections are made that can last a lifetime.

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Regular free, live webinars are a benefit of EMA membership, but the gems are recorded and edited and made available to anyone with a curiosity to learn about the Hubbard Management System and what it can do for them, and are available on this website.

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Training must begin with gradients. Taking a beginner on a tight rope 100 feet up is not the best way to forge a great circus performer.

Consisting of short videos, our FastTrack online training program drives home fundamentals followed by simple exercises that are automatically graded to ensure they are understood and can be APPLIED, is the first step.

While any entrepreneur can and should use these to raise their own education in the skills of management, sales, PR, etc., interestingly the biggest issue is often the staff that surround the founders and leaders of the organization. Training of the owners is seldom the biggest lack- they are the ones driving the organization and have figured out many of the right actions to take even if they can’t easily define them. After all, the place is still there, isn’t it? Someone is making it go, and that is usually the person at the top.

But they are surrounded by those who may be willing, but do not have the know-how to back that person up. This is the outness that leads to the overwork and “overstress” of the top people.

Worse, they may be surrounded by those who are UNWILLING, but due to lack of training, it is not clear whether observed incompetence stems from a lack of training or a pure intention to create chaos. Only training your people on correct procedures and policies will flush out the unwilling who are holding you back or dragging you down.

The best place to start is the simplest approach – online training video’s that can be viewed anywhere and get yourself and ALL of your team up to the same level of competence and on the same page. Truly FastTrack management training that gets immediate results.

Try our FastTrack Online Training Programs. If you can push a button you can train your staff; they are that easy to implement. They cover organizational basics, executive basics, public relations, marketing, and much more. This first level of training, all by itself, has turned many, many businesses around or set them on the course to success.

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trainingNo amount of lecture or video is going to make a professional, except maybe a professional seminar junkie. If you attended a seminar on judo, you would not go out based on that knowledge and start a fight. That would get you in trouble.

Many entrepreneurs spend years studying the know-how involved in delivering their service or product, but think they can master the vast and sometimes complex subject of management in a few hours. It takes practice to get good at anything, and management and the handling of organizations is no different.

That is the purpose of our Advanced Training Programs and this is what you need in order to become an expert. Our training programs are based on a study system developed by L. Ron Hubbard and vital to mastering the Hubbard Management System. They contain important information on the management subjects being addressed, but are balanced with a heavy emphasis on application.

When you or an employee are done with just one of our courses, you know the data it is teaching you cold and you will apply it! They are uniquely structured to get that result, and require specially trained “Company trainers” to deliver. Many courses in our training programs are accepted for Continuing Education credits by many institutions, and is the next gradient of training after online training.

Delivery of our Advanced Training Program is supervised by specially trained company trainers who ensure personal guidance throughout the training sessions. While a number of courses are delivered at your nearest EMA Training Center or remotely in your business as well, the full training program is delivered at our Hubbard College of Administration, located in Los Angeles, CA.


One of the most common reasons people fail at their job, their career, or their own business is an inability to handle administration. A successful career takes careful planning as well as a career training and education program. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, the latest statistics show that “new businesses have only a 50/50 chance of surviving for five years or more.” Poor management is cited as the number one reason for failure.

That’s where the Hubbard College of Administration comes in. At the Hubbard College of Administration, we specialize in giving you the administrative technology you need to be a success in whatever career you choose.
Whether you’re interested in an Associate Degree or continuing your education with a Certificate Program, our goal is to help you make your dreams come true.

The College’s degree-granting programs offer the following advantages:

  • The “Lifetime Warranty” on the education you receive here
  • Flexible format that allows you to make your own schedule
  • Self-paced study so you can move at your own speed
  • A focus on developing your ability to produce real, tangible results in real
  • organizations
  • Complete attention and commitment to you, as an individual.

“I attended a Productivity Workshop at the Hubbard College and it really opened my eyes to the fact that there actually was a workable technology that anyone could learn. I toured some businesses in Los Angeles that were using Hubbard Administrative Technology and I was impressed. I saw that these companies were growing and expanding and I wanted to know it for myself.” — Breanna Wells, Hollywood Production Studio Executive

Nothing will create more impact on your business than a trained team!


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