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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
John F. Kennedy

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What if you had the key references available for every employee?

Hubbard® Administrative Technology is the foundation of success for tens of thousands of businesses. And it’s exactly for that reason that the Hubbard College of Administration has codified and packaged its full array of materials into one unique and comprehensive reference set. With all the key Admin Technology references at your fingertips, training your executives and empoyees has become simple and fast.

This 12-volume Hubbard College of Administration Reference Set enables you to find the exact references you need in any business setting or situation, while the extensive glossaries make sure that every bit of technology is defined and understood.



This new reference set includes:

  • 10 Subject Volumes covering vital topics for businesses.
  • Over 400 references from the Hubbard Management System.
  • More than 2,200 pages of content.
  • Two additional Master Index and Glossary volumes, including a full alphabetical list of all articles and tables of contents by volume.
  • Over 2,000 terms defined, as they are used in the references.

Each volume also includes its own index and glossary.

This priceless reference set can be purchased before March 1, 2020 for $1,320 (after this date the price will be $1,500) as well as all other books required for EMA training, from Hubbard College Press. Just click on this link for more information and orders.


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Join us tonight at our NEW EMA Conference, MASTERING LEADERSHIP, with CO WISE East US Quentin Strub, Host Joe Yazbeck and singer/songwriter Wil Seabrook! Click the link tonight: (if needed user pass code 6qDkmJ. See you tonight!!
Effective Management Association

2 years ago
New Article: What is the state of your company? How can you improve it?


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