EMA Seminars

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The Effective Management Association Columbus and the award winning, national industry leader, The Durable Slate Company, are sponsoring a dynamic series of seminars designed to give you a practical overview of the most complete and powerful management system in the world: the Hubbard® Management System.

Starting on Saturday, the 8th of June and continuing every Saturday morning until the 24th of August, this series of seminars is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn and hone your administrative skills in all aspects, from basic organization to finance, marketing, sales and more!

Come to one or better, come to them all! Make this the summer you prepare yourself, your life and your own business for your greatest expansion ever!

Registration 9:30 AM, Seminar 10-12 PM. Fee: $25 (light breakfast provided).

Location: The Durable Slate Roofing Company, 3933 Groves Rd, Columbus, OH 43232.

Contact: Justin Flegm at 614-359-2167 or Mike Blake at 614-937-4458 or emailjflegm@durableslate.com or mblake1@gmail.com



Speaker: Juan Bogan, CEO of Expanse Management Advisors

Topic: How to Use the Admin Scale to Expand Your Business.

You may know the Admin Scale but there are so many aspects to this administrative masterpiece that you can apply to your business, this tool is truly the pinnacle of administration. Learn how to use each part of it to boost your business into dramatically increased productivity and revenues!



Speaker: John Chan, co-owner of The Durable Slate Company

Topic: The Power of Persistence – You can get there if you know how.

Persistence as a trait is a common denominator amongst all successful people. No path is without its pitfalls, and the winners can push through. Some of us have more persistence than others. But persistence alone is not the answer. It might take longer for some of us to give up, but too many failures are going to take their toll. Learn how to develop persistence as a trait, and how to leverage that quality with the knowledge that will enable you to achieve any objective, no matter what.



Speaker: Dr. Jim Speiser, Owner of Indyvet Emergency & Specialty

Topic: Detecting and handling dangerous personnel

The most expensive mistakes you can make in business are personnel mistakes. One wrong hire can cost a business hundreds of thousands, even bankrupt it. The bad employee can lie undetected for years, so you need to learn how to spot one. But why hire them in the first place?  Learn how to recognize them and set up your company to be bullet proof.

7th SEMINAR – SATURDAY July 26, 2019

Speaker: Judy Nagengast, lifetime entrepreneur and founder of several successful multi-million dollar businesses.

Topic: How to Flourish and Prosper

Managing your company’s finances may be a daunting task, but in this seminar you will learn how to rocket your company’s prosperity to a whole new level with standard financial planning. AND, how to effectively deal with barriers to prosperity to keep your company going upwards!