EMA Specialist Courses

EMA Specialist Courses


In addition to our FastTrack training lineup and our NEW Breaking the Code Course, we are proud to announce a series of NEW Specialist Courses, each taking a segment of the Hubbard Management System to provide an in-depth journey into the know-how of increasing your company’s prosperity.

These Specialist Courses are:

Keys to Successful Employment

New on the job? Then this course is for you! In this introductory training course designed for new employees or those who need “How to Get Along in The Workplace” refresher, you will learn the 30 key factors that are vital to interacting successfully with others in any work environment. Whether you were hired recently or you’ve been working at your job for quite some time, this course will improve your ability to not only get along with others but also to find out from your employer precisely what he needs and wants from you.

The Small Business Success Course (Owner’s version)

A MUST for every small business owner, this 25-hour course takes you through all the aspects of running a small business successfully with solutions on all the obstacles an owner can run into. Here’s to guaranteed expansion!

The Small Business Success Course (Employee version)

As an employee of a small business, the responsibility of sharing the load lies on your shoulders because YOU are the one the owner counts on to make decisions and help creating a great work environment and success in the business. This 25-hour course teaches you exactly that, and more!

Mastering the Five Steps of Successful Selling

Whether you are considering becoming a salesperson, have already begun a career in the field of sales, are already a seasoned sales veteran or are simply in need or want of some amazingly workable sales tools, you are about to get a bright new look at a dusty old subject. In Mastering the Five Steps of Successful Selling, you will learn the fundamental essentials of successful selling. The material contained in this course will acquaint you with the essential components of a sale in easy-to-understand ways that will enable you to creatively handle any sales situation you may ever encounter. This is the world’s most effective approach to win-win salesmanship.

The Admin Scale Audio Course

It is a hard, cold fact that nothing in life succeeds without an Admin Scale. An Admin Scale is a scale for use which gives a sequence (and relative seniority) of subjects relating to organization. The scale, from the top down, includes goals, purposes, policy, plans, programs, projects, orders, ideal scenes, statistics and valuable final products. All these have to be in alignment and in full agreement to guarantee success in any endeavor. Narrated by Mr. Arte Maren, this 30-hour course is the master of all courses and an invaluable tool to make any aspect of life successful. After this course, Mr. Arte Maren or an EMA expert can be made available to help you implement the Admin Scale in your business.


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