Exhausted? The Answer May Be Easier Than You Think
28 Nov 2016

Exhausted? The Answer May Be Easier Than You Think

28 Nov 2016

Too many executives and business owners are drowning in COPE!!   They may not even think that they are, but if they can’t easily get away for a week or two to enhance themselves or even take a breather, if they are “burning the midnight oil” midnight after midnight, they are coping.

Here is what L. Ron Hubbard discovered about coping executives and other staff:

“COPE means to handle whatever comes up. In the dictionary it means “to deal successfully with a difficult situation.” We use it to mean “to handle any old way whatever comes up, to handle it successfully and somehow.


In that you have the key to “exhausted executives” or staff members. You have why the president of the US ages about 20 years in one term of office as you can see by comparing dated photographs of past presidents. He is totally on cope. His government has an org board that looks like a pile of jackstraws. He has no hat. His staff have no hats. His government departments have no hat. The technologies of economics, law, business, politics, welfare, warfare, diplomacy have been neglected or lost (they do exist to some extent).

The guy is on total cope. And the post has been on total cope since it was created as an afterthought by the Constitutional Congress that began the post in the eighteenth century. Even what it says in US civics textbooks is not found in practice.

So ‘difficult situations’ are the order of the day and are handled by special actions and appointments.

The people who should handle them haven’t got real hats.

This is catching up with the country at this writing to such a degree that the citizen cannot benefit from a stable society or social order. The country looks more like a war of insurgency.

In other words departures from hats has led into total cope and it is steadily worsening.”

L. Ron Hubbard – Article of 22 September 1970, HATS

No matter how much cope they do, and how many miracles they pull off, they are going to NOT ONLY continue to cope, the DEMAND FOR COPE WILL INCREASE!

The answer, of course, is to organize- to assign posts (jobs) in the organization in a correct sequence (organizing board) and assign duties to those terminals in the correct sequence (hats) and train and drill the heck out of them!

Mr. Hubbard stated in his article BASIC ORGANIZATION, from 13 September 1970:

“If we have any volume to handle we have to add people.  If we add them without an org board we will also add confusion.  The organization without an org board will break down by overload and cross-flows and currents.  These in conflict become confusion.”

He goes on to say:

“We have some stable items.  These are posts or locations.  And we have flow items.  These are things undergoing change.

“So an org’s positions change flowing particles.

“Particles flow in sequence.

“Things enter an org, get changed, flow out of an org.”

Above is a simplicity.  In fact organizational technology IS simple.  But you need to take the time to learn it and apply it.  THAT is how you get out of cope!

And one last point, again from the above reference:

“Any activity has a sequence of actions.  It has to have stable points which do not flow in order to handle things which do flow.”

There’s your answer. Now get out of cope.  Live a little!

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