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Experience the New EMA Online Training For Your Executives and Employees!

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EMA Online Training is the new normal for employee skill enhancement.

Powered by the Hubbard® Management System, this series of FastTrack and Breaking the Code online training modules will start training your staff for you in a matter of days!

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Employee training is one of the most fundamental steps to take in your business. There is a maxim that the most expensive mistakes in business are personnel mistakes. Just this fact alone can cost your business not only its income, but also its reputation. Yes, good personnel may be hard to find but this can be overcome by educating your staff and making them familiar with your company’s basic structure as well as the fundamentals of management, organization and inter-office relations.

EMA Online Training is the answer. With a complete program of online videos and courses, you can train your executives and staff in no time. The EMA online training program covers organizational basics, executive basics, public relations, marketing, and much more. Just the FastTrack video training, all by itself, has turned many, many businesses around or set them on the course to success.

Some EMA online training courses require an annual subscription plan which takes care of set-up fees, course monitoring and instructor guidance, as well as support assistance for all courses. A subscription allows business owners to purchase FastTrack Online Training Courses for each employee at greatly reduced prices or even for free! One plan covers all employees! However, in some of our video packages, the courses can be done individually as well, with no subscription required.



Your Introduction to Fasttrack Training:
The Basic Orientation Course

This course is a basic orientation into the Hubbard Management System and gives important tools and tips any employee or executive can use immediately. In just 2 hours you will know more about organization and management than you thought.

Watch this preview of the course!


Basic Staff Training Online Course

This course consisting of 35 videos including practical assignments gives your employees a thorough and profound understanding of basic organizational principles, job performance, their relationship with all parts of your company, fundamentals of productivity and much more.

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Professional PR & Marketing Online Course

The 36 videos, tons of practical assignments and a wealth of inside information contained in this course teaches you the basic principles of Public Relations, Marketing and Sales, and is a MUST to attain and ensure consistent income and productivity.

Watch this preview of the course!


Executive Business Strategies Online Course

This course, consisting of 35 videos, practical assignments and valuable tips teaches executives the tools of the management game, including financial management, how to increase production, how to build a viable customer base, how to troubleshoot problem areas and get them functioning again, the secrets of hiring qualified personnel and much more.



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“What you have is easily the fastest and best training system out there. It is easy to assimilate; people that have never done this before get it right away. There are a lot of factors that contribute to this, but the fact is that since we put in this training system daily our productivity has been skyrocketing for four months!  This is easily worth the investment that anyone will spend on it — I could make a case it’s almost stupid not to do it. Your video series is easily the fastest system yet, I’d buy it again without second thoughts. It’s paid for itself over and over and over. Thanks to you and your team for putting it together.” – D.Y.

“I would say the benefits to my staff of your online training and as a result to me and my business are exponentially greater than the cost of this program.” – K.L.

“I decided to embark on Basic Staff  Training, because our small staff of 7 quickly grew to a staff of 12 in less than a year. Our business was growing at a very fast rate without the much-needed structure in place to sustain the weight of growth.  I realized the importance of a cohesive team and how vital a unified knowable technology’s presence is in order to create an ideal working team. Since implementing the online program our daily sales average has dramatically increased and is continuing to climb.” A.T.


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If you want more information about our FastTrack Online Training program, including pricing, access to the quizzes, and answers to any other questions, please fill out the form and one of our experts will contact you.


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