Market Like You Mean it! (Part 1)
06 Aug 2018

Market Like You Mean it! (Part 1)

06 Aug 2018

Marketing is a fast-paced and exciting activity which can be very remunerative – or quite deadly if you do it wrong…

These series of articles are based on the works of author and philosopher
L. Ron Hubbard, who thoroughly studied the subject of marketing and developed precise methods that have proven to work.

In this series we will go over some of the most important aspects of marketing today.

In this over-saturated and noisy world, marketing has become so important that companies spend massive amounts to get noticed by the public, get their products sold and move on top of the competition.  You may have at least some marketing experience, but let’s for a moment forget all you “know” about the subject and begin with clearing the concept of what marketing really is. Mr. Hubbard defined the word Marketing as follows: “The conceiving and packaging and the moving of a specific product into public hands. It means to prepare and take to and place on the market in such a way as to obtain maximum potential and recompense.” (From article, Marketing, Promotion and Dissemination Defined. )

Some people think of marketing as “getting an ad out” and “sending a postcard to my mailing list.” But that’s saying that the subject of medicine consists of “handing out medications.”

Marketing means a lot more than just promo. So, let’s look at this definition piece by piece.

“..the conceiving…”

Yes, marketing starts with an idea, a concept, a “Let’s figure out a bright way to get customers to our business.”

You want to sell those thousands of pairs of shoes that are sitting in your warehouse? You want to sell more chiropractic treatments? Or cars, washing machines, software programs, coffee? Or you want to start a business but don’t know what? Well, the first thing is to get a bright idea as to how. That’s where the marketing process starts!

“..the packaging…”

For a new product or service: What will it look like? How do I package it so it will sell? For an existing product or service: Will I have to repackage it? Give it a new “look?” The overriding consideration is: How do I package my products or service so people will notice and my products or services will stand out in the crowd? We will go into plenty more of that later, but this is the beginning phase of the marketing process.

“..And the moving of a specific product into public hands.”

This is pretty self-explanatory. A warehouse full of lovely, gorgeous products isn’t going to make you any money. You will have to move it into the public hands. But here’s the million-dollar question: How are you going to do this? And how do you get the people that should be buying your products to actually buy your products? Working that out in all details is the next phase of the marketing process.

“..It means to prepare and take to and place on the market in such a way as to obtain maximum potential and recompense.”

Just consider the world a huge market place, just like in the old days, with stalls and people hawking their wares. Yes, it’s all digital and modern now, but the principle of a market place is exactly the same as it was 300 years ago. The “hawking” is louder, more intense, and reaches many more people. But it’s still done, every minute of the day. On the world’s market place, it’s the latest, greatest and often loudest hawker that gets the attention. Does that mean you have to be great and loud to sell your wares? No, absolutely not. But you do have to be smart – and that’s easy, right?

In summary, as Mr. Hubbard puts it, “Marketing includes all actions from before the beginning of the production right on through to its use by the customer and its word-of-mouth promotion by the public.”  (From article, More on Marketing Basics)

And that is marketing!  It starts even before you have a product, and it ends when the people themselves promote you on their Facebooks or Twitter pages.

That’s the scope and volume of the subject.

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