05 Oct 2018

Market Like You Mean it! (Part 2)

05 Oct 2018

The Product in Marketing

Marketing is not only all about advertising your product.  It is the conceiving and packaging and moving of a specific product into public hands.  So, who is your public and how do you know what product would be remunerative for your business to produce?   This starts with an idea and ends with the response you get from your public.  For example, in today’s market that would be in the form of “reviews” on Google or endorsements on social media.  Imagine marketing is a flow line which would go as follows:  IdeaResearchDevelopmentProductionSales Response.

 “Your first step is you’ve got to have a product to market that will market.”  L. Ron Hubbard

That would seem like a truism, a “duh,” but this is among the top five most violated marketing principles.

For example, Colgate Kitchen Entrees, a food brand brought by the toothpaste giant. A famous flop, because who wants to buy food that might taste like toothpaste?

A similar flop was caused by the disposable lighter and pen brand, Bic, trying to market underwear.  Now who wants underwear from a pen and lighter manufacturer?

Besides, it’s never good practice to start competing with your own products – it’s much better practice to compete with the competition!

There’s another angle to this, which is that the product might be good, but the marketing is so bad that nobody wants it.

Here’s an example: The commercial for Chanel perfume with Brad Pitt talking endlessly about nothing at all. It’s so cringe-worthy that instead of getting a customer to want the perfume, it is one of the most parodied commercials on YouTube!

Or that famous Dacia car commercial with Fidel Castro and other historical Communist figures. This would’ve been a great ad except that this particular ad was released for the German market which is not known for its love of Communism! Someone did not research the proper demographics of their public.

Here’s an example of marketing that can be utterly misleading which can kill a product. The burger in the ad always looks so much better than the flat, dried-out, sad-looking burger you actually get. This is just plain lying to your customers.

So, the lesson to avoid costly mistakes is this: Have a product or service for which you can create a demand and that will market!Stay tuned for more marketing tips!

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