NEW! The Ultimate Hiring Solutions Course

How to Find & Keep Talent –
the EMA ULTIMATE Hiring Solution Course!

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This NEW Effective Management Association course, created by hiring expert Patrick Valtin, is indeed the ULTIMATE in personnel acquisition and retention training. It will teach you how to  attract, select and hire the best people for your company or practice – while minimizing the financial, emotional and legal problems related to bad or wrong hiring. And especially in these difficult times, this course is the key to rebuild your business!

The course consists of eight e-books, each with practical assignments which, by the time you are done with the course, will have set your company up for fail-safe recruitment AND with the first applicants arriving!

* The e-books are studied on the course as actual virtual books, while the content of each e-book is downloadable for further reference. Additionally, the course supplies you with a TON of forms, checklists, interview questions and directions – everything you need  for successful and safe hiring and all downloadable and for your use!

* PLUS: Each e-book has audio so while you study, you can also listen to the text.

* PLUS: This course has a special instructor to guide you through and help you with your progress!


  1. How to attract qualified and talented people for your team with effective and targeted marketing campaigns;

  2. What are the laws on hiring and firing – and how to apply them without getting lost in the legal jungle;

  3. What is at-will employment and how will it help (or hinder) you?

  4. Prescreening – the crucial step in building your team;

  5. Pre-hire testing – the most effective and successful applicant testing system on earth!

  6. Hiring interviews – how to select the good from the bad…

  7. Onboarding – building your team for real!

PLUS, additional BONUS MATERIAL, including Patrick’s 2-hour presentation on How to Rebuild Your Team Despite Covid-19!

And if that’s not great news, here’s even better news:

Once a company has purchased a course, that course is available for the entire company – it only has to be purchased once. Anyone working in Human Resources or anyone who is tasked with finding and selecting talent for your company or practice can do this course!