Six Powerful Tips for Being a Great and Effective Leader
28 Nov 2016

Six Powerful Tips for Being a Great and Effective Leader

28 Nov 2016

Unfortunately, leadership doesn’t seem to have one single, precise definition. We all have our own ideas about what it means to be a good leader. For example, some people think leadership is founded in guiding and training others to be competent at completing a particular task while others believe it means being a great motivator. Neither one is wrong and the definition likely will vary, more or less, depending on the organization or group to be led.

Business News Daily recently did a survey of 30 business owners and experts asking them for their definition of Leadership. The responses were quite varied but, at the same time, had many common threads among them.

Here are six qualities or skills that I have found to be invaluable in Leadership.

1. Lead From the Start

If you wait, your company or team will never grow. Take responsibility even before you know all the answers. Just do it. If you want to be a leader, BE a leader! Reach for responsibilities and then never stop doing it.

2. Arrive Early at Meetings and Events.

Reserve seats at the front row for your top producers and stay late to interact and show your genuine interest in them and what is going on. Tight relationships among you and your organization yield an “esprit de corps” greater than the sum of its parts.

3. Look Smart

Dress impeccably, even in jeans. Appropriate dress is always in vogue and respected.

4. Always Appear Organized

Being organized builds confidence so you should let them see it. Even if you are in a Cope & Organize mode, if you handle what comes up and organize behind your actions you will look highly competent, garner great respect and be leading by example.

5. Reward Your Top Producers

Rewarding an employeeValidation can be as simple as acknowledging someone’s work, presenting a reward or gift to someone working hard and getting results. You will find that people who naturally get things done, when rewarded, double down and get more work done. The quality of their work goes higher, too.

Another related strategy that works wonderfully is to keep notes about the qualities that you admire most of your top producers. Consider every day how you can boost those qualities among your whole team.

6. Always Be Training

Perhaps this one is not so subtle but it is so important that I couldn’t leave it off this list. There is a well-known stable datum in sales – ABC: Always Be Closing. In Leadership, it’s ABT: Always Be Training. The best leaders never stop training and teaching. And they train their teams to use techniques that build a true foundation, not fly-by-night fads.

Another funny thing happens if you are always training. The more you train, the more your  team begins to help each other because you’ve cultivated teaching and training into the culture of your business. When this happens, everyone is creating more wealth and success for the entire group and it is not just the wealth of money, but the wealth of being a better person, having a better life and having your dreams come true not to mention the fact that you will also begin, rather naturally, to create more leaders within the ranks.

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