28 Nov 2016

The Very Existence of Your Business Relies On This… Are You Paying Attention to It?

28 Nov 2016

In his article entitled ORGANIZATION/ THE DESIGN OF THE ORGANIZATION, L. Ron Hubbard refers to the flow of the Organizing Board when he states:

“When you look at the division names you see what the Cycle of Production must be in this universe to be successful. By studying this you can see why other businesses fail. They lack one or another of these divisions.”

If one examines the Organizing Board, the first Division on the left is the Executive Division 7.

Again quoted from the above reference:

“The board is entered from the left and proceeds to the right. It is actually a spiral with 7 higher than and adjacent to 1.”

Most imagine that the org board starts with Div 1 but as per the above, Division 7 and its three Departments actually precede Div 1, and when one looks at the Awareness Levels above each of the Departments, it is easy enough to understand why.

Department 21 is SOURCE! No business can be started without a SOURCE!

Department 20 is EXISTENCE! Once a business is “sourced,” it must “exist,” and that is the function of Department 20, the Department of Special Affairs, and which includes the section called LEGAL.

In other words, he who would ignore the LEGAL function in his or her own business is in fact playing with the actual EXISTENCE of that entity!

So it is not something to remain ignorant of, trifle with or take lightly. Know and understand all of the legal aspects of your business and be very certain all of your legal rudiments are in. Rudiments are the basics, the essentials, the fundamentals of any area or subject.

As an example, there are legal rudiments regarding your company’s personnel. Whether you are expanding and hiring, or getting rid of the deadwood non-producers, managers need to ensure that these actions are being taken in compliance with the applicable employment laws. Mr. Hubbard’s management system must be implemented in coordination with the laws of the land and when it comes to employment laws, the U.S. has many.

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