Tutorial – How to Register Your Employees for FastTrack Training

Tutorial – How to Register Your Employees for FastTrack Training


Here is a little guide on how to register your employees for FastTrack training with your company subscription. Follow the below steps for each employee.


Step One: Go to https://fasttrack.education.

Step Two: Click on “Register Now”



Step Three: Fill out the registration form (Username, Email) of your employee and click “Sign Up”



Step Four: Your employee will now be registered for training and can log in to fasttrack.education with their username and password. They will be directed to their Profile. To start, they need to click on “All Courses”.


Step Five: Next, they can click on the Basic Orientation Course which is the first course of their training curriculum.


Step Six: Next they click on “Take This Course”



Step Seven: And get started by clicking the first lesson.



You can do this for each employee – same procedure. They can purchase their next course, using their company subscription number.


Note: If you paid for a subscription earlier (either by purchasing the DVDs or signing onto the earlier training platform by Schoox), you are getting the Basic Staff Training Course for free – which includes your employees. In that case, just send us an email at effectivemanagementeus@gmail.com with their names and this course will be added to their curriculum.