Why Some Businesses Crash & Burn After Rapid Success
28 Nov 2016

Why Some Businesses Crash & Burn After Rapid Success

28 Nov 2016

Conventional wisdom and empirical data tell us that fast-growing, small businesses frequently have a rough time, can be difficult to manage, and fail at a higher rate than other businesses which experience more modest growth.

That would only be true of those who do not understand how to handle the affluences that a fast-growing business experiences. There is a right way to handle such affluences and a wrong way to handle such affluences. Using L. Ron Hubbard’s Affluence Condition Formula is the right way. For those who do, affluences provide:

  1. A fun, rather exhilarating, rocket ride experience.
  2. Rapid growth that can be maintained.
  3. No lose of any gains you achieved during that growth.

Those who implement the basics of the Hubbard Management System can’t help but experience phenomenal growth. As long as you have a good product or deliver a worthwhile service and are applying L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative technology, you are going to become a fast-growing business. Mr. Hubbard actually developed formulas to help guide you through any condition you would encounter in the course of guiding your business but, interestingly, affluences can be the trickiest to handle.

As Mr. Hubbard says when writing about the Affluence formula:

“Affluence is the most touchy condition there is. Misname it or handle it off formula and it can kill you! It is, strangely enough, the most dangerous of all conditions in that if you don’t spot it and apply the formula, you spatter all over the street! Spot and handle it right and it’s a rocket ride.”

The formula is:

“1. Economize. Now the first thing you must do in an Affluence is economize and then make very, very sure that you don’t buy anything with any future commitments to it. Don’t buy anything with any future commitments, don’t hire anybody with any future commitments – nothing. That is all part of that economy. Clamp it down.

2. Pay every bill. Get every bill that you can possibly scrape up from anyplace, every penny you owe anywhere under the sun, moon and stars and pay them. Pull everything down in all directions until you have got it down to as close to zero as you can get or at zero.

3. Invest the remainder in service facilities. Make it more possible to deliver.

4. Discover what caused the Condition of Affluence and strengthen it.”

– L. Ron Hubbard

If you have ever experienced a set-back following an affluence, I’m sure you can now see where you went wrong. If you need help getting there again to get it right this time, contact us at Effective Management Association and we will introduce you to the full set of Conditions Formulas so you can create your own rocket ride!

Who is ready for take-off?

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